Knowing More About Renting A Car in Mallorca

Mallorca is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations that can be visited by tourists. It provides a beautiful and sunny beach with the best view of nature. Many people all around the world come to Mallorca for spending their holiday time there. If you want to get around the city, it will be better to ride a car so that you can go anywhere you want to go. You can rent a car for Mallorca by making a reservation in several car providers. You can choose the best car providers after comparing the prices and the services carefully.

Rent a car in Centauro Mietwagen Mallorca

There are several car providers that can be chosen by the tourist for renting a car in Mallorca. One of them is Centauro Mietwagen Mallorca. It is one of the most well-known car providers. This company has been opened since 1973. During this time, this car provider offers 100 stations and 40.000 vehicles. It also has some branches in 4 countries. This company provides good services at a cheap price. If you come to Mallorca in the low season such as March, you can rent Fiat 500 from around EUR 3.00 per day or EUR 19.00 per week. However, if you want to rent the premium car, you may need to pay 487.28 EUR per week. This company has several stations in the Mallorca that are including Alcudia, Cala d’Or, Cala Millor, Cala Ratjada, and Can Picafort. Just choose the closest city with your dormitory. In addition, the Centauro Mietwagen Mallorca also provides several types of the car that can be chosen by the tourist such as convertible, hybrid, luxury, people carrier, family car, small car, medium-sized, and transporter. Before deciding the types of cars, you need to consider the needed capacity for your trips. For example, if your group consists of many passengers, you can choose the people carrier that is a van. However, if you are going with your family, you can choose a family car. On the other hand, if you are going with your one friend, you just need to rent a small car. This depends on your needs and budget. Well, before renting a car, you may need to understand the term and conditions of the company so that you will feel not disappointed when something happens on your trip.

How to cancel the car reservation

Well, in the unexpected condition, you may need to cancel your reservation from a rent car dealer. In this case, you may worry about the reservation status and the charge of the cancellation process. First, you need to call the car providers and ask them about their regulation of the cancellation of the reservation process. Sometimes, they will ask you to pay 15 – 20% of the full cost as the charge. However, several providers will give you a free charge. It will better for you to read the term and conditions carefully before making a reservation.