Excellent Performance from MobyDick’s Wheel Washing System

In running the business, construction industry has many concerns. In fact, it is not only to complete the construction process, but there is also responsibility toward the environment. One of them is to keep the road and areas outside the site or location clean. This is quite difficult to do since trucks and other vehicles leave the site by bringing the soils and other materials on the tires. However, it can be solved by having wheel wash system. In this case, MobyDick provides excellent radwaschanlage or wheel wash system with great technology that will help the construction industry in preventing their vehicles to pollute the roads.

Excellent Wheel Wash Technology

One of the reasons in choosing wheel washing system from MobyDick is its technology. The technology from the manufacturer is quite different from other washing systems. In this case, the technology utilizes low water pressure while other technologies use the high pressure. It gives significant differences when it comes to power consumption since having higher pressure will require higher power consumption. For the industry, it means higher operational costs. MobyDick brings great pumping system to combine the low water pressure and high water volume so the water still can produce effective cleaning process. Moreover, it comes with water recycling system and water tank. The water from cleaning process will be filtered and recycled so it can be reused. This is efficient and more environmental friendly.

Flexible Wheel Washing System

Next, the wheel washing kits from MobyDick provides great flexibility. The manufacturer is fully aware that there will be different locations of construction sites, and each of them has different characteristic. That is why the wheel washing system brings modular concepts that will be easier to adapt in the location of construction. Having modular model is also useful since it takes less effort to arrange and prepare the machines, including the moments when it is time to mobilize or move the machines.