Classic Bike Shop Recommendations

When you’re ready to buy a new bike, you have plenty of options. You could go to your local big box retailer or department store, but that’s not where you’ll find the best service and advice for classic bike, or for any type of bicycle for that matter. In fact, I’d argue that most people should avoid buying their bike from these places altogether.

Raleigh, NC (USA) Classic Bike Shop

If you’re looking for a Raleigh, NC (USA) Classic Bike Shop, look no further than Classic Bike Shop. They specialize in vintage Italian and British motorcycles and have been doing so since 1980. Their staff will help you find the perfect vintage ride for your needs whether you’re planning on riding it or restoring it yourself!

West Chester, PA (USA) Classic Bike Shop

This shop is well known for its wide selection of classic bikes and accessories. They also offer expert service on all makes and models of motorcycles, including Harley-Davidsons. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and eager to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Providence, RI (USA) Classic Bike Shop

This shop is known for its wide selection of vintage bicycles. You can find everything from classic Schwinn’s to British road bikes and even an old Peugeot mixte frame for sale here! They also sell parts, clothing and accessories for cyclists who want to make their own custom bikes (or just have some extra stuff around). The staff at Providence Bicycle are friendly and knowledgeable about all things bike related, whether you’re looking for advice on what kind of bike would be best suited for your needs or if you need help restoring an old one back into working order. If you’re lucky enough not only, will they have exactly what it is that you need but also someone there who knows how-to fix up any problem area(s) with ease!

Menlo Park, CA (USA) Classic Bike Shop

Located in Menlo Park, CA (USA) is Classic Bike Shop. They are a full service motorcycle repair shop that specializes in vintage Japanese motorcycles from the 1960s through 1980s. They also offer maintenance services on newer models of bikes. The owner is an avid collector and rider himself, so he understands the importance of taking care of your bike! If you need anything done to your bike from basic maintenance work such as oil changes or tire rotations all the way up through rebuilding engines and transmissions these guys gotcha covered!


We hope this list of Classic Bike Shop has inspired you to visit one near you. These shops have a lot to offer, and they’re great places to learn more about cycling in general. Whether it’s just getting started or upgrading your current ride, these shops will have what you need!